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Should My Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage

Owning a renters policy is vital if you're a tenant due to the protection you obtain. In the event that somebody filed a lawsuit against you, accusing you of negligence and causing you injuries, the insurer would represent you and pay out any damages or settlement. It's important you ensure that the policy offers coverage…
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Do I Need To Take Out Landlord Protection Insurance?

As a property investor, one of the most vital items you can buy is landlord insurance. However, some landlords opt out not recognizing how much they could save. As an investor, you must realize that your property is a significant purchase, and one that you must protect in order to protect your future revenue as…
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I’m Renting My Home, Do I Need To Take Out Insurance?

If you're like most renters, you have probably been ignoring renter's insurance because you don't think you need it. While most people mistakenly believe that their landlord's insurance will cater for their belongings, others don't even know it's available. Others on the other hand may avoid it since insurance can be tedious, complex, and because…
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