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We are all aware auto insurance has been in upheaval in the state of Florida bec…

We are all aware auto insurance has been in upheaval in the state of Florida because of fraud and abuse. As the people, who hear the complaints of our clients, we would like to give a voice to those that have been affected by rate increases and availability. Legislators say they have not heard from enough constituents in their districts, so we as agents should assist in the process of having them hear the complaints we hear in our offices.

Laws could be passed to effectively fight this abuse if others were heard beside those that are benefiting from this fraud and abuse. A campaign has been started to assist by sending post cards to the legislator in each customer’s district. We will have post cards available to simplify the process, all you have to do is call us and we will give you phone and address of pick-up points.

We are supplying the site where you can locate each client’s legislators Tallahassee address. It only requires you enter an address.

This will allow legislators to see the amount of people that are upset with our rising auto insurance rates and the large number of people we hear as agents.

In some areas the abuse has not yet fully taken hold, but it will as many parts of the state have seen. It is imperative that every agent be involved so that every driver can afford to maintain insurance and not create a state where many go uninsured because of price and unavailability. Our visitors to this state deserve better. .
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