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Discount Insurance-How To Get More For Your Buck

Insurance companies issue discounts that could save you considerable money. However, they might not publicize the discounts and you might need to conduct some research and careful planning to maximize them. Whether it’s auto or homeowners insurance, this guide reveals the various discounts that are worth asking for.

Auto Insurance

While everyone needs car insurance, navigating a car policy can be daunting, particularly when it comes to establishing how to save the most money. Insurers know that the harder it is to do comparison-shopping, the higher the likelihood of customers agreeing to the first policy and pricing offered.

Nevertheless, there are various ways you can save the next time you’re shopping for auto insurance and the amount you’ll save on premiums could range from insignificant to considerable. You’ll only know if you ask and the accessible discounts might surprise you. Here’s a list of discounts you can obtain.

  • Multi-policy or Bundling

If you purchase two or more policies through a similar insurer, you might qualify for a bundling or multi-policy discount. When obtaining quotes, consider the type of insurance you really need. If you have numerous policies, see whether you can obtain them with one insurer.

The more kinds of insurance you can bundle, the more likely you are to save. Locating a company that will offer a worthwhile bundling discount will probably need some research. You can begin with your current insurer, but be ready to shop around. While most major carriers offer a discount of 10%-20%, smaller companies are less likely to offer this discount.

  • Safety Features

Some insurers will reward you if your vehicle has factory-installed safety elements such as airbags and anti-lock brakes while others might issue discounts for after-market features such as anti-theft devices.

Every insurer is different, so it’s imperative to establish the devices or features that might earn you a discount and inform your carrier when you add a safety feature.

Home Insurance

Though discounts vary across companies, some are the industry standard, including:

  • First-time Customer

If you intend to switch your insurer, you could secure a discount of up to 10% from the new provider. Beware that such discounts are restricted period offers, so make sure you aren’t tempted into switching insurers solely based on the discount.


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  • Loyalty

The same way new customers obtain discounts, so do old ones. Loyal clients of a particular insurer can obtain up to 10% off on their insurance policies as long as they’ve been claims-free for a specified period.

  • Home Improvements

Insurers may issue a discount if you update your home to help make it more resistant to fire or weather-related disasters and water damage. In some states, it might be possible to decrease your premiums by implementing measures such as roof reinforcement or including storm shutters to help lessen storm damage.

You might also qualify for a discount after updating plumbing, heating, or electrical systems that may help avoid water or fire damage. Check with your insurer about the improvements that qualify for a discount.

What AC Insurance Offers

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Working with experienced insurance agents such as AC Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that they’ll give you a product in line with your insurance needs. You can be confident that they work to save you unnecessary high costs by blending the best coverage into a bundled policy.

  • RV Insurance

These days, many people are opting for recreational vehicles as a type of housing. Obtaining RV insurance from AC Insurance enables you to protect passengers. Actually, coverage usually extends to incidents that take place within the car as well as the adjacent property. An RV is an important investment, so it’s important you purchase insurance to protect your belongings while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Insurance is an important product, whether it’s auto or home insurance. Therefore, it’s imperative you select the appropriate insurer that meets and understands your needs like AC Insurance.

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