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What Questions You Need To Ask To Get A Better Deal

When it comes to choosing insurance, at times it’s easiest to simply go with your friends’ recommendation or the company whose advert is popular on TV. However, that’s probably not the best way to go about it.

Like any business, insurers have varied rates and they can differ considerably in everything from their claims service to coverage and office hours. Therefore, shopping around is necessary to secure a better deal, and the appropriate service and coverage. If you wish to obtain a better deal, here’s a list of questions you should ask.

Auto Insurance

Will My Insurance Cover my Vehicle’s other Drivers?

Naturally, your insurance will cover you while you’re driving your vehicle. However, you must establish whether the insurance will cover a family member or friend who’s driving your car. You’ll also need to find out how the insurance will work in the event that you’re driving somebody else’s car and you’re involved in an accident.

The manner in which each situation will be handled will be dependent on your insurer as well as the laws in your state. Never presume that your policy will cover each incident merely because you have an auto insurance policy.

Am I Eligible for Discounts?

There are various ways of lowering your monthly premiums, so it’s worth asking your vehicle insurance company about the discounts you’re eligible for. If you’re a student, discounts can apply for obtaining good grades and being categorized as a good student.

Other discounts can apply for additional safety features your vehicle might have, for instance, an airbag or alarm. Moreover, they can apply for taking out numerous kinds of insurance with the same insurer.

There are numerous ways to obtain discounts, so ensure you ask your provider about those you qualify for and whether you can have numerous discounts simultaneously.

What’s Covered if my Vehicle is involved in an Accident or Sustains Damage?

It’s a popular misconception that auto insurance will automatically cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle along with towing or rental auto fees following an accident. The reality is, you might lack these benefits if you don’t have the appropriate coverages.


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Liability insurance usually covers damage to another driver’s car or somebody else’s property in the event that you’re liable for an accident and is the minimum coverage needed in most states.

To cover the replacement and repair of your own vehicle, you’ll require collision coverage for accident-related damage and comprehensive policy for non-accident circumstances, for instance, vandalism and theft.

Make sure you ask your insurance representative whether optional coverages such as rental reimbursement and roadside assistance are appropriate for you.

Home Insurance

When shopping for a better deal when it comes to home insurance, it’s imperative you know what is and isn’t covered under various situations. To attain your goals, here’s a list of questions you should ask.

How Much Insurance do I Require?

When it comes to home insurance, numerous people find themselves underinsuring their assets or overpaying. Numerous factors could result in this imbalance, but it’s imperative you inquire about the insurer’s packages and what you might need to endorse because of some limitations.

Most home policies should cover the home’s structure, personal possessions, any expenses related to temporary lodging throughout repairs, and liability to others. However, you might find that you aren’t obtaining the better deal depending on your needs.

For instance, you might be over-paying if you’ve included your land’s cost or insuring items for more than their worth.

Is it possible to bundle another policy with my home policy to decrease my rate?

Most insurers that offer more home insurance provide discounts through bundling. This is an excellent way of saving money  and securing a better deal when extra policies are necessary. For instance, a common discount would be bundling your auto and home insurance through a similar provider.

Can I decrease my rate because of value depreciation?

Like numerous vehicles, some of your belongings will depreciate value because of their present condition and time. Therefore, if you’re paying a similar rate for a depreciated value, you’ll start losing money.

In these instances, it could be beneficial to inform your agent to adjust your rate. Alternatively, you could add an endorsement or floater at a premium to cover costly items individually.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for insurance, it’s important you ask the right questions if you want to obtain the best deal. If you’re in the market for a new policy, this list of questions will help you secure a better deal.


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