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Safe Driving Discount

Discounts for Spotless Driving Record

A safe driver discount is perhaps the most common auto insurance discount insurance companies offer. This discount has the potential to save hundreds of dollars annually, depending on the number of people who receive it in your household.

Insurance providers offer this reward for safe driving on the road. Numerous insurers provide this incentive to safe drivers who don’t have any recent accidents or claims. These discounts apply to drivers who sustain a clean record for a particular number of years. If you’re looking to save with this policy, here’s what you should know.

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Multi Policy Discounts

What You Need To Know About Multi Policy Discounts

It’s no secret that insurers want your business and most will take whatever business lines you offer them. This is beneficial for you because to secure your business, insurance carriers should provide great incentives. That’s where a multi policy discount comes in. Carriers offer this reward when you buy different policies from them.

Most often, the larger discount is on a home policy, but you’ll obtain savings on other policies such as your vehicle insurance. If you take numerous policies from the same insurer, you spread the risk for the carrier. This means that if there’s a claim on one policy, you probably won’t have a claim on the other.

To benefit from multi policy discounts, ensure you obtain the best possible price and discover how to obtain a multi-policy discount. Here’s what you should know.

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Are Insurance Excess Payments A Good Idea?

Low premiums could at times imply a high insurance cost and if you don’t make an informed decision at the beginning of your contract, you might find yourself in a tight situation if you get involved in an accident. In this case, you should consider excess insurance payment, which denotes the first amount you pay as the client if you’re involved in an accident.

It’s the uninsured segment of your loss payable by you once you make a claim. The insured is responsible for paying the excess irrespective of who’s liable for the accident. This functions as a shield for the insurer against minor and fraudulent claims. Similarly, it works to maintain low premiums. Here’s what you should know about excess insurance payments.

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