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4 Tips to Apply Before Buying Home Insurance in West Palm Beach

The house that you own and live in is probably one of your most valuable assets that mean the world to you. You’ve worked hard to be able to afford the slice of real estate that you call home and would do just about anything to protect its financial, practical and aesthetic value.

4 Effective Tips on How to Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

If that’s the case, start by investing in the right type of coverage designed to help you face the widest range of natural and man-made threats and cope with potential losses and damages triggered by any kind of unexpected events. Before spending your money on home insurance in West Palm Beach, apply the following tips to identify the type of policy that is 100% compatible with your needs and minimize your expenses.

  1. Get All Your Policies from the Same Provider. In today’s market, your loyalty is always rewarded by merchants and service providers who strive to maintain their competitive advantage. The same rule applies in the insurance industry. Most providers are ready and eager to bundle up different policies and help their clients make the most of a generous offer that makes sense from a practical and financial standpoint. Just think about it: staying faithful to one carrier has its advantages, including an improved communication with your provider, a more effective way to handle claims and a considerable discount, available if you invest in a winning formula comprising home insurance in West Palm Beach, and other key components, like life insurance and cheap auto insurance for instance.
  2. Ask about Discounts That Could Lower Your Premium. Do you have good credit? Would you be able to define your house as a safe environment? Do you live in an area with a low crime rate? Are you a loyal customer who buys all his insurance policies from the same carrier? Affirmative answers to all these questions could help you unlock additional discounts and reduce your premium. Therefore, figure out whether or not you could become eligible for additional discounts by getting a quote online or scheduling an in-person meeting with your provider.
  3. Turn Your House into an Unbreakable Fortress. Over the past two decades (from 1994 to 2014), the state of Florida has benefitted from a considerable decrease in property crime rates (including larceny, motor vehicle theft and burglary). According to the numbers provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 973,040 offenses were reported in 1994. In 2014, local authorities had to handle only 582,073 such cases. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go the extra mile to turn your home into a safer, more protective environment, especially if you store valuables inside your house or apartment. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on state-of-the-art security solutions if you can’t afford these innovations. Carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms and basic burglary systems are all you need to keep risks in check and lower your insurance premiums. The implementation of such affordable security options can help you save up to 10% on your policy.
  4. Opt for a Policy with a High Deductible. Assuming that you feel ready to cope with just about any worst case scenario (financially speaking, first and foremost), you may want to consider going for a high-deductible insurance policy. This type of coverage is linked to lower premiums, meaning that you would have to spend less each month on insurance. However, note that this tip is applicable only if you feel ready to take changes or know that you could survive a major out-of-pocket hit; otherwise, you may be forced to contract a loan to be able to keep your side of the bargain. According to insurance experts cited by Bankrate, a policy with a $10,000 deductible can give you the chance to take %35 off your policy while buying the ideal type of coverage to protect your home from various risk factors.Finding cheap insurance in West Palm Beach doesn’t have to be a challenge. On the contrary, at AC Insurance Services, we firmly believe that our clients should feel encouraged to bundle up their insurance policies to save money and ensure the highest level of protection for all the elements that are important to them. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your options in terms of an affordable insurance. Get a no-obligation quote today and remember that the ideal type of coverage for you and your family is only one click away.

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