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Latest Electronic Devices For Keeping Your Home Secure

Your home is supposed to be a safe haven where you can relax and escape the dangers and stresses of the outside world. Sadly, those dangers can at times invade your property and you must be prepared.

Fortunately, numerous options exist in terms of the defense levels you can install to protect your family and home these days.

If you’re not tech savvy, you can install a surveillance system that only a few years ago was costly in terms of installation and monitoring. Here’s a list of electronic devices to consider for your home’s safety.

iSmart Alarm Kit

You can control the iSmartAlarm Kit through your smartphone. The security system is appealing in the sense that it’s comprehensive in terms of its functions and it’s fully customizable. You can buy compatible cameras, contact and motion sensors, door alarms, smart switches and more.

Essentially, you simply buy the equipment you wish to have in your home and sync it. You don’t need to worry about service charges or monthly fees and you’re under no obligation to purchase all the accessible equipment.

Obviously, what you do with the system is largely dependent on the gear you install; therefore, your mileage may differ. If you wish, you can configure the system to alert you whenever any family member enters or leaves the home.

The system works with Android handsets, iOS, and comes with a central hub-the CubeOne, which you’ll link everything to.


The device can monitor the entire home from one room; a function that few security systems can achieve. The Cocoon has several major features: a microphone, a HD camera, thermometer, motion detector, and a loud siren to deter intruders.

However, the most interesting feature is the Subsound detector. The feature can establish the presence of an intruder in other rooms by listening to very low frequency sounds. The security hub will alert you of any security breaches through the mobile app.


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The system allows you check out video feed, activate the siren, and set emergency contacts with a few taps.

Oplink Connected Alarm Shield

The product features nearly everything you require to set up a complete security system for your home. It comprises motion sensors, remote controls, window and door sensors, and an emergency alert siren. Once you set it up, you can arm and deactivate the system via your smartphone.

You can also monitor incoming alerts from your smartphone. If you want the system to alert you of an intruder, you can use the system without incurring any subscription charges.

Nevertheless, you can upgrade to a premium service if you wish. The entire system will cost you about $150 or more depending on your preferred bundle.

Video Intercom Systems

At times, it’s not advisable to open the door for strangers or even open the curtain or peer through your window to determine who’s on the other side of the door.

If walking across the house is too much of a hassle, you can always invest in these systems. They let you get a good look at visitors without getting too close. Furthermore, they offer crucial time and distance if the caller doesn’t have good intentions.

Digital Locks

Replacing weak locks is necessary because they’re the easiest way of accessing any home. Instead, invest in digital or smart locks for home security.

Smart locks are electronic devices that offer extra protection to your front door. Therefore, spending money on these devices can be more useful than a smart watch or other electronic devices.

Furthermore, having a smart lock implies that you don’t need to carry a bunch of keys in your pocket or bag because the latest technology enables you to synchronize the smart lock with your smartphone irrespective of location.

Final Thoughts

Every now and then, incidents take place around the neighborhood or city. You’ll also find that these cases take place in the absence of homeowners. Fortunately, this list of electronic devices will keep your home safe.

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