Florida Agency Announces New Condo Insurance Policy Options

AC Insurance Services in West Palm Beach, Florida, is an insurance agency that offers a variety of coverage options for home and auto. The company has now recently announced that they have a number of policy options available for condominium insurance.

Pete Steiner, an agent with the company, says, "What condo owners need to understand is that a general condominium owner's policy will typically cover only certain interior furnishings such as kitchen cabinets, drywall, and in general, things that are actually attached to the unit."

Steiner says that many do not realize that these condo insurance policies often do not cover damage done to actual furnishings such as living room sets, bedroom furniture, and decor. He states that for coverage on these items, owners often need an additional policy or an umbrella to cover the actual interior aspects of the condo. The agency states that all policies are not alike and while some policies cover interior aspects, others do not. They state that anyone with questions about what policies cover which features should contact them.

Condo Insurance

"Condos that were built before 2002 often benefit from completing the Uniform Mitigation Form," Steiner says. "This can provide you with a significant savings on any new policy." Steiner points out that the insurance agency can offer policies to cover a condo owner's unit interior as well as a master policy which covers the exterior.

AC Insurance Services has been offering insurance policies in Palm Beach County since their inception in 1991. Steiner states that the staff members are all very knowledgeable on all of the policies that they offer and can answer any questions that clients may have about coverage. He says that instead of a general coverage or one size fits all concept, the agency works individually with clients, ensuring that the policies offered are fit for their specific needs, a fact that he says is likely what has contributed to their more than 25 years in business in the area.

Steiner states that condominium owners should contact the agency by phone or email, or by visiting them on their official website at https://myacis.com/contact/, to further discuss their coverage needs for homes, cars, and more. The agency urges those in need of condominium insurance or other coverage to contact them for a quote.

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