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A Quick Guide To Rental Insurance

According to a study conducted by Bankrate, half of Americans residing in rentals lack renters insurance while a large number of renters don’t understand that their belongings aren’t covered in case of damage.

Rental insurance is a type of property insurance that offers coverage for your belongings within a rental property.

The insurance applies to persons subletting or renting an apartment, studio, duplex, or townhome. Rental properties share similar dangers as any other home, such as fire, flooding, and hailstorms, so you might want to take the necessary measures.

If you’re wondering whether rental insurance is worth purchasing, here’s a quick guide.

Benefits of Rental Insurance

Theft and Fire Protection

If your rental home suffers damage in a fire or other hazard stipulated in your policy, your policy can help replace or repair your possessions. Similarly, if your home’s broken into, your renters policy can pay for the replacement or repair of your stolen or damaged items.

While renters insurance will protect you during a natural disaster, bear in mind that some coverage options are “riders,” which implies they’re add-on coverage, for instance earthquakes and hurricanes.

Protection from Damage You Cause

Rental insurance doesn’t merely cover your property. It also covers damages you cause. For instance, if you’re responsible for a fire that spreads into your neighbor’s residence, you may be liable for the resulting damage unless you have rental insurance.

These kinds of accidents are among the principal sources of property damage, so insurance will help cover the replacement or repair costs of your belongings. However, insurance won’t cover deliberate damage caused by you.

Liability Claims

This form of insurance can offer liability protection, which covers injury to somebody else while on your property.


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Therefore, if you face a lawsuit because someone sustained an injury on your property, rental insurance can offer coverage for legal costs and the claim settlement. This aspect not only helps care for your guests but also helps sustain your relationships.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Rental Insurance


People frequently need o think about the amount they ought to pay for rental insurance. Typically, these policies shouldn’t be more than $100-200 annually.

However, it can be more if you’re to splurge for additional coverage than the ordinary purchaser of rental insurance.

When considering how costly a policy is, you must also consider your annual income. You should avoid buying a more costly policy if your annual income is comparatively low than others buying a similar policy.


When considering this form of insurance, you should think about what the policy covers. It would be erroneous to buy a policy that’s irrelevant.

For instance, you shouldn’t spend on insurance that covers items such as antiques or paintings if you’re not passionate about fine arts.

Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value (ACV)

When your insurance provider reimburses you, what they offer is typically dependent on these factors. A fundamental policy will pay ACV, which is the property’s value at the time of loss.

However, you’ll obtain an actual replacement if you choose replacement cost. Bear in mind that costly items such as jewelry have restricted coverage, so it’s prudent to include them on a separate policy.

Tips for Buying Rental Insurance

Select the Appropriate Coverage Amount

The average renter has more than $35,000 worth of belongings, however; the coverage amount you’ll actually require is dependent on numerous factors.

When deciding on a policy amount, developing an inventory of your belongings can give a more precise idea of what you require.

Take note of the time you bought the item, what it cost, and the estimated current cost. Once you add this up, you’ll have a good estimate of the coverage to obtain.

Recognize What Isn’t Covered

Rental insurance typically covers a wide array of circumstances. However, you might face challenges in certain situations when filing a claim.

For instance, some policies don’t incorporate coverage caused by floods or earthquakes. Therefore, make sure you get a thorough explanation on what the policy covers when shopping around.

Final Thoughts

While renting is less costly than purchasing a home, if you face damage or loss to your possessions, your landlord won’t be responsible. Fortunately, rental insurance offers the necessary protection but you must bear these factors in mind when purchasing a policy.

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