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AC Insurance Services Helps Parents Find Car Insurance For Their Teens

August 18, 2015 (West Palm Beach, FL) — AC Insurance Services, based in West Palm Beach, FL, has launched a service designed to help parents who are looking at buying car insurance for teenagers. Newly qualified teenage drivers have particular and specific needs in terms of their insurance and parents often find the process of finding the best and most affordable option difficult. AC Insurance aims to help take the difficulty out of this process.

Pete Steiner from AC Insurance Services says, “Typically, parents of newly qualified drivers, feel both incredibly proud and terrified at the same time. They no longer have to be a taxi service, but they worry about just how safe their teens will be on the road. Additionally, they find that insuring their teens is hard because they are classed as ‘high risk’. We want to help parents find the right insurance for their needs, at a price they can afford. Hopefully, this will also give them some degree of peace of mind.”

It has been determined that fatal car crashes are three times more likely for drivers under 19 when compared to drivers over 20. This is what makes teenage drivers high risk drivers. As a result, their insurance premiums are also higher. AC Insurance offers parents the opportunity to request a free quote on Free Quote to see what they can expect in terms of premiums.

“Forbes recently revealed that car insurance for teenagers is often as much as 76% more expensive,” adds Pete Steiner. “They also explained that gender is taken into consideration. For young male drivers, the premium can increase by 92%, while for female teens, the premium can go up by 67%. Either way, that is a lot of money, but safety comes first.”

What AC Insurance aims to do is help parents find a premium that is both excellent in terms of coverage and affordability. They encourage anyone to take a look atAC Insurance before deciding which insurance policy to sign up for. They will help guide West Palm Beach parents through the process of finding the best insurance for their children’s needs, as well as for their personal budget.


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