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New Car Insurance Services

New Car Insurance Services Very Well Received

In January of this year, an insurance agency with offices in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, FL, launched a new car insurance service to qualifying customers. Six months later, they are happy to announce that these services have been very well received, with many customers signing up. Most importantly, it means more people are now fully compliant with Florida car insurance regulations.

Pete Steiner from AC Insurance Services says: “The regulations for car insurance in Florida are very strict, requiring at least $10,000 in personal injury protection and property damage liability. In January, we launched a new service offering qualifying customers new rates, which are lower than those offered anywhere else in the state, all of which are fully compliant with the regulations.”

As part of car insurance, Florida policy holders have to have property damage liability to ensure that if the driver is at fault, he or she will have proper coverage for damages. Additionally, those who currently have financing for their vehicles need to have full coverage, including comprehensive insurance and collision coverage. This ensures that if the vehicle sustains damage in an accident, it is fully covered.

Since launching their new insurance rates, AC Insurance Services has received numerous requests for free quotations. In these, they provide prospective clients with the best rates possible, based on their specific situation and needs. Their goal is to ensure people receive the level of coverage that they want and need to have according to regulations, while also making sure that the rate is as low as possible.

“We work with both commercial and personal vehicle owners,” adds Steiner. “Insurance is something you cannot do without, and we are there to make sure that it is offered in an affordable way, so that it does not become a burden. We recommend anyone to contact us to review our policy types and options, so we can help them find the best policy for their needs.”

One of the things that the insurance agency has noticed is that, possibly due to their lower rates, people also take out additional coverage that is not required by law, but does provide additional protection, such as bodily injury liability.


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