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How To Get Bulk Insurance Deals On Fleet Vehicles

For business proprietors who use numerous company-owned cars, one of the biggest costs is vehicle insurance. Operating and managing fleet vehicles is taxing and insurance costs don’t make things easier.

As the fleet size increases, so do management requirements and insurance premiums. You don’t want to pay more than you need to whether it’s a mini, large fleet, or van fleet. Being able to maintain low insurance costs could make a difference when it comes to affordability. Here’s a list of ways in which you can save on your policy.

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What Insurers Have Learned From Recent Hurricanes

In 2017, 16 separate billion-dollar disaster events occurred with a cumulative cost surpassing $300 million. Three of the very costly, disruptive, and dangerous events were hurricanes: Irma, Maria, and Harvey. This prompted insurers to evaluate certain aspects of the insurance industry.

Although the smartest insurers use weather data throughout the year, hurricane season is certainly one of the most crucial times to engage in the practice. Weather data offers various benefits, from validating claims following a billion-dollar disaster to real-time event preparation.

Following the disasters that occurred in 2017, insured parties and insurers have an opportunity to learn and make relevant adjustments in response to catastrophic events in the future. Here’s a list of lessons insurers have learned for current hurricanes.

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The Differences Between Condo and Apartment Insurance

Condo and apartment insurance are property policies. However, they cover varied property aspects. The two kinds of property covered are building and personal property coverage.

While both cover personal property, condominium insurance adds building coverage. It’s important you get the appropriate policy to cover your home. Here’s a list of differences between the two.

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy That Boat

Purchasing a boat is a huge decision and for many, it can be a fulfilled dream. However, this isn’t a matter you should take lightly. Actually, there are numerous factors to consider before you determine the boat to purchase as well as where and when to make the purchase.

While this experience can be life-changing, you must know various things before taking the plunge. After all, a knowledgeable buyer is a smart one.

Moreover, this process demands most of your time, so ensure you conduct research and avoid choosing a boat without understanding some significant elements concerning it. Thankfully, this guide reveals how to purchase the best boat.

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