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How To Keep Your Jet Ski Maintained

Jet skis are a fun way of spending time on the water with friends and family throughout the summer. While they’re easier to store and haul than boats, they still require proper care and maintenance.

When it comes to maintenance, the failure to take preventative measures can prevent you from having fun or leave you stranded in the ocean, lake, or gulf.

If you’re a new owner or simply wish to re-acquaint yourself with on the basics, check out these tips.

Familiarize Yourself with the Manual

Different models have their specifications when it concerns repairs and servicing. The servicing requirements typically vary depending on several factors, for instance the jet ski’s size and power, whether you use it for sport or leisure and if it’s a stand-up or sit-down model.

If you lack a manual, you could visit a local dealer to help establish your watercraft’s servicing needs. Bear in mind that regular servicing is necessary to keep the watercraft in a good condition and working order.

Take out the Battery for Storage

If you’re parking your watercraft throughout the cooler weather, remove the battery and store it in a dry place because damp places could lead to the formation of crystals on the battery posts. This could ultimately cause the battery’s charge loss.

Ensure you also examine the fluid levels and charge its battery before usage. Bear in mind that the lack of maintenance during storage will possibly result in a flat battery the next time you intend to use it.

Engine Fluids

A number of the older models have 2-stroke engines, which implies that they need premixed fuel and oil. On the other hand, newer models have 4-stroke engines that don’t need a mixed solution.


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Instead, they feature separate oil and fuel areas. In case you stored the watercraft with engine fuel without fuel stabilizer, ensure you include a fuel stabilizer and cleaner before starting it.

Mechanical Systems

While the management of the watercraft occurs manually, you power it mechanically. The inspection of the mechanical systems is the most labor-intensive and constitutes an adjustment and inspection of the steering system as well as the gearshift inspection and modification of the shifter cable.

Inspection also includes an examination of the coolant level, the coolant hoses as well as their connections. Additionally, you’ll inspect the intercooler hose, exhaust system, and associated fasteners.

Check for Damaged or Loose Parts

Before starting your watercraft, you’ll want to examine all the wires, including trim and throttle cables before leaving for the water. Check for any damaged or loose parts, and always substitute them if you observe any extensive wear or damage.

Clear out Outstanding Water

Once you return from your water outing, you’ll need to drain any water from the jet ski. Load your watercraft onto a stand or trailer, and then begin the engine.

During this process, hold and let go of the throttle gently between 15 and 20 seconds to force any water from the engine.

Don’t hold the throttle at a maximum speed because the engine will suck in air-something you want to avoid.

Clean the Ski’s Exterior

Whenever you go out on the water, you expose the Jet Ski to aquatic elements, so make sure you wipe down the seat and windshield to prevent staining or corrosion.

Bear in mind that salt water has corrosive effects on metal and proper cleaning of your watercraft’s exterior is necessary to extend your investment’s life.

Regular Inspection

Just like your vehicle, you should inspect your jet ski regularly to locate any issues. You should check the jet ski’s structure to identify any weak spots or scratches in the fiberglass. Regular inspection will help you fix any repairs before they worsen.

Final Thoughts

Whether you ride for sport or leisure, it’s worth spending some time tending to the machine before and after riding. Although maintenance takes some attention and time, you’ll enjoy your machine for years to come, so adopt these tips.

Image: Flickr

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