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AC Insurance Services Launches New Car Insurance Options

West Palm Beach, Florida company AC Insurance Services has announced a new discount car insurance policy for qualifying consumers. Pete Steiner, an agent with the company, states, “We have new rates for consumers and can help you to find a rate that is lower than any other agency in the state.”

The state of Florida has strict car insurance regulations, requiring that all vehicles have no less than $10,000 in property damage liability and personal injury protection. Property damage liability is to ensure coverage in the event that the driver is at fault during an accident. The coverage will pay for the other vehicle. Those who are currently making payments on their vehicles are normally required by lending institutions to maintain full coverage of collision and comprehension insurance which pays for that vehicle if it is damaged in an accident.

“We offer a free quote, where we can get the specifics and determine your rate,” says Pete Steiner. “We work to ensure that we get you the lowest possible rate and the specific coverage that you need.”

Steiner states that the insurance agency works with both personal and commercial vehicle owners, and that they can help to lower rates from other agencies. “Insurance is just something that you have to have,” he says. “We’re here to ensure that it’s something that you can also readily afford.” He says that they offer a number of policy options and types, and that the agency will help individuals to determine which specific auto insurance policy is best for their specific needs.

For instance, bodily injury liability is not coverage that is required in Florida, but Steiner says that it is strongly recommended. He says that they can create a policy that fits all of the needs of the motorist, including budget and coverage.

Those who are interested can visit the agency on their official website at Contact Us for more information, to research available policies or to schedule a quote. The agency offers a number of insurance products in addition to automobile coverage including RV insurance, business coverage, marine insurance, and a number of homeowner policies.


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