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What Happens When You Don’t Take Out Travel Insurance And You Should Have

Traveling is a thrilling opportunity that allows you to expand your horizons, relax, discover new cultures, and take time away from a hectic schedule. However, it has its share of uncertainties and risks. so travel insurance is essential.

For instance, you could lose your luggage or encounter an accident and everybody is vulnerable to such situations. If you’re planning to go on vacation, here’s a list of things to expect if you don’t take out travel insurance.

Costly Medical Expenses

While trips should be fun and relaxing, illnesses or accidents can at times occur. In this case, you could potentially spend thousands of dollars. Bear in mind that even simple injuries, for instance broken bones can be costly.

As a foreigner, you’ll discover that you’re not entitled to free medical care abroad, so you’ll incur costs for any required treatment.

Approximately 40% of travelers sustain injuries or become sick while abroad and some of the major causes for traveler hospitalization include falls, infectious diseases, and vehicle accidents.

While some hospitals accept cash before providing treatment, others may admit you but won’t grant your departure until you make the full payment. In this case, insurance can help with the unforeseen medical expense.

Delayed Flights

Delayed flights aren’t uncommon and are the burden of any traveler’s vacation. There are times when delayed flights can be more than a bit troublesome. In fact, they can ruin your holiday besides being costly.

In the event that you miss your flight because of traffic or a delayed flight, your itinerary could change. Bear in mind that most policies will differ considerably in the market, so it’s important you read the fine print to determine whether the policy provides the cover and the amount of coverage to expect.

In most instances, policies are different even if one insurer underwrites them. For this reason, you should read the conditions, terms, exclusions, and limitations to establish what you’re covered for.

Cancellation Fees

When booking a vacation, you probably don’t think about changing your plans. However, you may end up doing so because of pressing issues.

While this is normal, it could have financial repercussions. Cancellation could cost you hundreds to obtain a refund. However, insurance covers you in case you decide to change your plans.

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Luggage

The likelihood of a traveler experiencing a luggage disaster while abroad is incredibly high. Furthermore, losing some items could turn your trip into a terrible one.

For instance, losing your passport will dampen your vacation. You’ll discover that airlines provide little to no coverage depending on the carrier.

Nevertheless, travel insurance provides coverage for baggage losses, damages, or delays and will help travelers replace items that they may need immediately.

Beware of deductibles or limitations and make sure you understand the terms. You should also verify whether your policy includes cash, which travelers frequently lose.

Trip Interruption

If you choose the right coverage, you can obtain reimbursement in case of interruption. Interruption could include natural disasters, a broken down rental vehicle, and bad weather.

You should consider this for tropical vacations. In the event that these situations arise, you’ll want to make sure that you won’t be responsible for the wasted time.


Being in a foreign place increases your likelihood of being involved in an accident. Therefore, you may end up injuring someone while abroad. In this case, you risk paying out a considerable amount in compensation.

Fortunately, a worthwhile policy protects you against such events. Therefore, your insurance provider will cover the costs in case the injured party makes a claim against you.

Final Thoughts

It’s tempting to cut back on your expenses, particularly if you’ll be away for a brief period. However, lacking travel insurance could be disastrous, so act appropriately.

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