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The Differences Between Condo and Apartment Insurance

Condo and apartment insurance are property policies. However, they cover varied property aspects. The two kinds of property covered are building and personal property coverage.

While both cover personal property, condominium insurance adds building coverage. It’s important you get the appropriate policy to cover your home. Here’s a list of differences between the two.

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The Difference Between Condo And Master Condo Insurance

Condo ownership differs from owning a conventional single-family home. For instance, when you own a condo you’re also part owner of restricted common elements. Condo units are part of bigger condo communities, each having restricted common elements such as lawns, building exteriors and framing, walkways, and roads.

Restricted common elements in condominium communities obtain insurance through maser policies. Insuring a condo is distinct because it entails numerous policies and this can be confusing. Fortunately, this guide highlights the difference between an individual and master policy.

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Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance vs. Home Owners Insurance

When seeking that ideal home, you’ve got several decisions to make. For instance, you’ll need to establish the kind of dwelling you’ll reside in; purchasing a home is a major decision, so you want to ensure you’ve considered all your options.

Whether you’re seeking a free-standing home with a huge yard for the pets and kids or a condominium that permits a more maintenance-free lifestyle, one thing doesn’t change: you’ll require an insurance policy to protect your personal home and property.

Numerous people presume if that if they’re condominium owners, they need a homeowner’s policy; however, this isn’t the case because insurance designed specifically for condominium owners exists. While the two policies seem similar, here’s a look at the differences.

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