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These Home Features Could Give You A Discount On Your Policy

Like auto insurance, the little things you do or don’t do could alter your premiums. Bear in mind that every insurer is different in the way it handles discounts. From increasing your deductible to comparison-shopping, there are various ways you could reduce your homeowner’s insurance policy.

For instance, the installation of safety features makes you less vulnerable to natural disasters and theft, which could result in expensive insurance claims. Consider including these home features if you want a discount on your policy.

Home Security

A burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the United States and properties without security systems are three times more likely to experience burglaries than those that don’t.  Actually, research reveals that 90% of convicted burglars avoid properties with alarm systems.

If you wish to dissuade thieves, professionally monitored systems are the best defense. Security systems comprise internal and external alarms. A number of alarms also comprise immediate emergency alerts and video surveillance.

Consider setting up video cameras to see who’s on your property and you could have silent or loud alarms when somebody enters your property without a code. These features decrease your likelihood of burglary, enhance police response, and might even secure you a discount and decrease your monthly premiums by up to 20%.

Roof Upgrade

Your roof is a huge protector of all things beneath-furnishings, structure, possessions etc. When a roof is leaky, old, deteriorated, or pest-infested, your property is more vulnerable to large-scale damage from rain, wind, or fire.

You’ll discover that the simple task of upgrading an old roof could decrease premiums, depending on the materials and age of the existing roof. Make sure you examine your carrier before selecting roofing materials.

For instance, some provide more savings for metal roofs over conventional options, which might save more money. If you’ve upgraded your roof in the past five years, contact your carrier to establish whether a premium change or discount is possible.


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Storm-safe Windows

Hail and wind was the major source of loss in 2016 according to the Insurance Information Institute. Approximately, 1 in 40 homes has a claim in this group every year. One of the major upgrades to avoid wind damage, especially in areas that are prone to a hurricane is storm-safe windows: roll-down shutters and impact-resistant glass.

Wind-related credits and discounts differ widely and might only be valid if you reside in a state with a high risk for winds or meet particular retrofit requirements. If you reside in a wind-prone area, you could benefit from a 10-15% credit on your policy for related upgrades.

On average, storm windows cost $4,656 to install. With an average of yearly discount of $108-$162, it would take some time to recover the cost from the upgrade. However, if you reside in a high-risk area, you could save thousands in repairs in the event that a bad storm damages your home.

Carbon monoxide and Fire Detection Systems

Fires damage thousands of properties annually. A quality alarm is necessary not only for decreasing insurance rates but for also protecting your loved ones. According to research, 65% of home fire deaths originate from homes without functioning smoke detectors.

Additionally, carbon monoxide poisoning could pose a severe risk. Carbon monoxide poisoning is typically the result of ordinary household items such as fires or charcoal grill. Carbon monoxide detectors have special built-in alarms that will go off in case the levels of carbon monoxide rise in your home.

Plumbing Upgrades

If you reside in an older property, the pipes might have integrated lead and pipes, which could corrode over time. Substituting older pipes with contemporary copper or PVC can be better for your home, health, and insurance rates.

Final Thoughts

Insurance is an important investment, so it’s imperative you understand low to lower your premiums when it comes to a homeowners policy. Fortunately, this guide reveals the various ways to lower your homeowner’s premiums through home features.

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