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Hurricane Insurance

How To Tell If You Need Hurricane Insurance

Hurricanes are enormous storms that develop over water before making their way into land in coastal areas. During the hurricane season, numerous coastal property and homeowners worry about the resulting damage and whether they’re covered by insurance.

The approach of this disaster is a terrible time to discover that your home lacks insufficient insurance coverage. Beware that once a hurricane warning has been issued, insurance firms won’t allow you to obtain additional or new insurance coverage.

Therefore, it’s imperative you meet your insurance needs before hurricane season. If you’re wondering whether you need this product, check out this guide.

1. Do I need coverage if I am in a high-risk zone?

Properties and homes like condominiums in high-risk areas have varied coverages accessible to them than lower risk zones. Depending on your residential area, your renter or home policy may cover some of your property from hurricane-related wind damages.

However, hurricane-prone areas may have exclusions for this kind of wind damage or may need you to include an endorsement for windstorm coverage. Besides coverage variations based on the area or state you live in, another complex thing about hurricanes is that they generate varied types of damage, so your homeowner policy won’t cover all damage.

2. Is hurricane insurance optional?

Lenders will expect you to purchase this product if there’s a mortgage on the property. However, if you’re the property owner, it’s optional. Nevertheless, it’s advisable you purchase this policy even if you don’t have a mortgage.

The last thing you want is to worry about coverage in the midst of a hurricane. Furthermore, it’s difficult to predict the kind of damage that a hurricane can cause, so you would rather be proactive by protecting your belongings and property.

3. What coverage do I need to insure myself against hurricane damage?

Hurricanes generate numerous dangerous conditions, which cause property damage from different sources. Although people frequently worry about the resulting wind damage, water can have worse effects. Consequently, it’s vital to consider the various forms of coverage you’ll require to insure yourself against resulting damage.


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4. Will my homeowner’s policy cover the hurricane-related damage?

While the kinds of coverage provided by typical homeowners policies differ, windstorms are one of the fundamental perils that most typical homeowners policies cover. This implies your policy will offer compensation for damage or loss to your home that arises from a hurricane or other windstorm.

Bear in mind that if you reside in an area that’s prone to hurricanes, an insurer may exclude coverage for damage from a typical homeowners policy. In the event that an insurer does offer coverage, homeowners policies in high-risk zones frequently comprise a separate, higher deductible for related damage.

In case you discover that your existing policy doesn’t offer coverage for hurricane damage, you have a couple of options. To begin with, check with your insurer and request if you can include windstorm coverage to your current policy by buying an endorsement.

Another option involves shopping around to establish whether another company will sell you a policy that comprises windstorm damage as a typically covered peril. It’s also important to remember that flooding frequently accompanies hurricanes; this can cause more property damage than high winds.

Beware that neither typical homeowners policy nor separate windstorm policy will cover flood damage. If you seek this form of protection, you’ll have to buy a separate flood policy.

5. What type of damage would hurricane insurance cover?

This product doesn’t cover flood damage, so it’s best you review your policy to establish what their coverage includes and excludes. It’s also important to communicate with your agent before a storm hits to obtain a better idea of the kind of coverage you have.

Final Thoughts

Hurricanes bring several dangerous conditions though insurance can offer coverage. Nevertheless, it’s important to be well informed on the coverage you have and whether it’s sufficient in case of natural disasters. If you’re wondering whether to purchase hurricane insurance, this guide will shed some light.

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