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Do I Need To Take Out Landlord Protection Insurance?

As a property investor, one of the most vital items you can buy is landlord insurance. However, some landlords opt out not recognizing how much they could save.

As an investor, you must realize that your property is a significant purchase, and one that you must protect in order to protect your future revenue as well as your investment.

In the course of renting, various situations could arise, for instance accidental damages and legal liabilities. Nevertheless, the appropriate cover can offer a peace of mind. If you’re still uncertain about landlord insurance, here’s why you should purchase the policy.

What is Landlord Protection Insurance?

Landlord insurance offers coverage for property owners who own rental homes, condos, or apartments. As a property owner, you require protection from economic loss that may arise from damages to your property because of a break-in, fire, or other calamities.

You can obtain insurance to help cover income loss in case your rental properties become uninhabitable because of circumstances you can’t control.

What Landlord Insurance Covers

This type of policy offers numerous coverage and your policy may comprise all or some of these kinds of insurance depending on your insurance company.

Property damage

This aspect of your insurance will cover damage to your personal property and buildings due to fire, theft, tenant damage, and vandalism. Ideally, your insurance will cover the replacement costs for the entire property in case of total loss.

Income Loss

This insurance will offer compensation for lost revenue in case your property becomes uninhabitable because of a covered loss, for instance fire or storm. Your rental reimbursement or loss of revenue coverage will prevent you from losing the revenue you would have received if you were receiving rent.

Loss of rent cover is especially vital if you have a substantial mortgage and depend on the rental revenue to fulfill the monthly payments.


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You’ll discover some policies cover the cost of substitute accommodation for your tenants in the event that they have to move from the property. Bear in mind that there’s a limit to the maximum claim.

Liability Insurance

This coverage protects policyholders against lawsuits and liability claims. Whether a visitor, tenant, or trespasser sustains injuries on your property, you could end up in a legal mess. In this case, your liability insurance will help cover the expenses related to the injury claims on your rental property.

The costs can include funeral costs, medical payments, legal fees, and settlement or judgment costs. You’ll also be covered if you as the property owner, are found accountable for causing damage to somebody else’s property.

For instance, if you neglect fixing a leaking pipe and the resulting mold damages a tenant’s belongings. In such a case, the tenant is likely to file a liability claim against you.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is mandatory if you rent a furnished property. You can typically choose a suitable sum insured based on the contents’ value. You should consider this coverage even if the property is unfurnished.

For instance, you might offer light fittings, kitchen appliances, and curtains, so some coverage would give you a peace of mind. During your calculations, don’t include the tenants’ contents because he or she is responsible for insuring his or her stuff.

Optional Coverage

As a property owner, you can purchase extra coverage, for instance natural disaster coverage and contents insurance to cover your personal belongings such as furnishings.

Benefits of Landlord Insurance

Investment Protection

While your property is an investment, once you rent it out, you leave it in the care of your tenants. As a result, a lot of worry comes with leaving your property under the care of others. However, insurance helps protect your contents and building, giving you a peace of mind.

Fast Property Repair

When it comes to tenant damage, you’ll obtain compensation for the amount it takes to repair or replace the item in question. This implies that you’re guaranteed of normalcy returning to your property as soon as possible.

Obtain Rent Constantly

If you lack insurance and your tenant stopped paying rent, violating the rental agreement, it might be extremely difficult to obtain the money from him or her. Numerous policies however, cover rent loss up to an agreed maximum.

Final Thoughts

Landlord insurance offers a wide range of benefits for different types of property owners. When it comes to locating tenants for your rental, anything might happen. Therefore, it’s advisable you exercise precaution.

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