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How To Arrange Temporary Driver Insurance

Temporary driver insurance is a short-term means of insuring a vehicle you’re driving, whether it’s a rental, your vehicle, or a vehicle you’re borrowing from or lending to someone else. Bear in mind that insurers don’t sell short-term or temporary auto insurance for less than 6 months at a time.

Websites might entice you with the promise of a seven-day, one-day, or 28-day vehicle insurance coverage; however, the shortest you’ll obtain from major trustworthy insurers is a 6-month policy that you must annul part way through. If you’re looking to get temporary driver insurance, here’s what you need to know about this policy.

How Temporary Insurance Works

If you require temporary insurance, it’s usually because you need to arrange something fast and don’t want to organize 12 months’ coverage at a short notice. Adding a driver or vehicle to your current policy can take place fast over the phone.

With this type of insurance, the standard coverage level you obtain is fully comprehensive, giving a higher cover level than simply depending on your driving other vehicles’ extension, which offers 3rd party cover in most instances.

Whether you’re a learner, need a vehicle for a weekend, or you wish to include a second vehicle to your insurance policy for a couple of days, you can choose the plan that suits your needs.

Obtaining this policy is similar to a conventional vehicle policy. You’ll select the coverage amount, which will range from the minimum insurance prerequisites in your state to higher limits if there are more assets at risk.

Numerous states need liability coverage and based on your residential area, you can opt into comprehensive and collision, personal injury protection, or other kinds of coverage.

How to Arrange and Obtain Temporary Insurance

In the United States, the shortest-term auto insurance you can purchase is six months. You’ll need to buy a policy for six months, pay monthly, or prepay the amount and obtain a refund. Whichever the case, schedule a reminder before a month or week is up to annul the policy.


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Make sure you acquire an annulment confirmation number and note the date, time, and representative you conversed with. Complaints of processed payments despite cancellation or refunds taking a considerable period are common. Most companies don’t charge annulment fees and will reimburse unearned premiums.

If you cancel the policy during the 6th week but merely paid for 4 weeks, you’ll obtain the balance due for the two additional weeks.

Similar to conventional policy, obtain quotes from at least three insurers to ensure you’re obtaining a good deal. Make sure you compare the same limits, coverage, and duration. You’ll have to be licensed, issue the identification number of the vehicle you wish to cover, and answer fundamental questions regarding your location and driving history to obtain temporary driver insurance.

Issuing your information for an online quote or contacting their number will typically route you to a licensed agent who can offer 6-month policies at a time.

Instances Where You Should Obtain Temporary Driver Insurance

Including a new driver momentarily

While most policies extend to those you grant permission temporarily, some policies merely cover household members who are listed explicitly. If a relative, friend, or somebody else will be driving your vehicle temporarily, confirm with your insurer to establish whether they’re covered.

Placing a vehicle in storage

Temporary driver insurance might be ideal if you intend to put a vehicle in storage for a couple of months. Even if you aren’t driving it, the car will be at risk for damage or theft, which the policy’s comprehensive portion could cover. Your state might equally expect you to maintain car insurance, including a minimum liability coverage level or unregister the car and surrender the license plates.

Final Thoughts

While temporary driver insurance can come in handy, you must obtain several quotes to ensure you secure a good deal.

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