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6 Insurance Myths Busted

Like any industry, various myths surround insurance. Consequently, consumers of home, auto, and business insurance may have misconceptions regarding coverage and policies as well as how this industry operates.

Sometimes people misunderstand insurance because it can be complex. Remember, believing false information can prompt you to purchase unsuitable coverage, and this can be costly.

Therefore, it’s imperative you differentiate between the truth and myths. Here’s a list of myths associated with this industry.

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Cover Pet Damage

Should My Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage

Owning a renters policy is vital if you’re a tenant due to the protection you obtain. In the event that somebody filed a lawsuit against you, accusing you of negligence and causing you injuries, the insurer would represent you and pay out any damages or settlement.

It’s important you ensure that the policy offers coverage for your particular breed or pet. Beware that some insurers exclude pets, while others restrict or exclude coverage for particular breeds. Here’s what you need to know about renters insurance and pet damage.

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