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Yacht Out At Sea

Benefits Of Marine Insurance-Yacht And Ship Business Owners

Purchasing a boat or yacht is a huge investment that extends beyond your craft’s purchase price. Whether you’re simply starting to consider buying a vessel or you’ve been an avid boater for years, it’s imperative you familiarize yourself with the advantages of marine insurance.

While boat accidents might not take place as often as vehicle accidents, it’s just as important to protect your vessel as you do your vehicle in case of a loss. Remember, these vessels require sufficient insurance like other modes of transportation.

However, numerous boaters aren’t aware of yacht and boat insurance and the advantages it can offer the policyholder. Since the vessels are subject to similar pitfalls as vehicles, owners should ensure they purchase marine insurance for protection in case of an accident or another disaster. Here’s why you need this product.

Physical Damage

Coverage for physical damage typically covers the necessary repairs to your vessel because of damage resulting from a broad range of perils. The best insurance policies offer “all risk” coverage. This implies that if the source of loss isn’t particularly excluded, it’s covered.

General reasons behind covered loss comprise weather-related perils, for instance, rain, wind, hail, and lightning. It’s prudent you choose a policy that maintains coverage even when your vessel is stored on land or while you transport it over land through a trailer.

Remember, you’re responsible for maintaining your vessel, so ordinary wear and tear often face exclusion under a yacht or boat policy. The type and number of physical damage exclusions differ across insurers, so take the time to conduct research to prevent surprises.


Homeowners Insurance doesn’t Cover Your Vessel

Some boaters feel that marine insurance isn’t necessary since they already have a homeowners policy. However, this policy merely covers certain areas, so marine insurance is still necessary. Although a homeowner’s policy will cover some vessels, it doesn’t cover everything.

You’ll discover that they typically cover small-engine boats, canoes, and boats that are inexpensive or slow. Moreover, homeowner’s policies are virtually limited, merely covering up to 10% of your property’s insured value.

Therefore, you’ll certainly require more than your homeowner’s coverage if you’re purchasing a boat or yacht.


Property Damage

Considering how expensive property damage can be to your vessel, one of the important benefits of marine insurance is its capacity to offer coverage for this kind of damage. Besides this damage, you should also consider the costs related to boat transportation for repair if there isn’t a qualified boat smith in your area. These costs can add up fast, but securing insurance will prevent you from financing huge bills alone.


Emergency Assistance & towing and Personal Property

These two coverages are often included in yacht and boat insurance policies. Personal property includes items such as personal effects, clothing, fishing and sports equipment while they’re being unloaded or loaded while aboard your vessel.

Like physical damage, exclusions differ across insurers, so it’s worth comparing. On the other hand, emergency towing and assistance reimburses you for the expenses incurred when you require emergency assistance for your vessel and you and your vessel aren’t in immediate danger.

Some instances of emergency services that might be necessary and might be covered include fuel delivery or towing to a location where repairs can occur. Make sure you check beforehand to establish whether a deductible applies or if there’s a maximum yearly limit for numerous towing claims.


Liability Coverage

The same way you could hit another car on the road, boaters recognize that accidents can also take place in the water, and if you’re deemed at fault for an accident that involves another watercraft or person, you’ll require liability insurance to cover the damages. Considering how expensive boat accidents can be, this is a significant kind of coverage and advantage of acquiring insurance.

Final Thoughts

Marine insurance is a crucial product for any boat or yacht owner for various reasons. Nevertheless, it’s just as important to work with an insurer that understands this field thoroughly. This is significant not just when you apply for coverage but also in the event that you file a claim.

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